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Autism Sleeps is the result of one man’s passionate journey to create customized sleep solutions for those on the autism spectrum.  After 15 years working with premium mattresses and sleep technologies, Rick Feingold, father of four “neurotypical children”, was in a product meeting when he saw a father and his young son. The son spied a bed with tactile elements and immediately began to jump on the bed and repeat, “My bed! My bed!” The father explained to Rick that his son had autism, and it was difficult, if not impossible, for his child to calm down, sleep and stay in bed. The father also mentioned that his son’s lack of sleep affected the entire family.

This one experience made such an impression on Rick that he made it his personal mission to try to be a catalyst for positive change, not just for the father and son he just met, but for the tens of thousands of people on the autism spectrum with sleep issues and their families.

Rick assembled his team of research experts, and they quickly discovered that wherever they went, they encountered parents with children on the autism spectrum that were experiencing sleep issues: a fishing buddy…a baseball coach…an attorney…a partner at an accounting firm…a CFO of a major corporation…a single mom educator....  This made Rick more determined than ever to be of help to these families.

After five years of extensive autism research, it was concluded that specific audio content converted into tactile sensation had profoundly positive effects on the nervous system and sleep. Autism Sleeps was born.  Autism Sleeps' mission is to offer environmental sleep-pattern solutions, so children and their families may finally get the long-overdue, uninterrupted sleep they want, need and deserve.

Our products are made of the highest quality materials and have been safety tested.  We are proud to say that based on limited trial, our prototype has received outstanding response (see our Testimonial pages ). Clinical trials at the Cleveland Clinic Center for Autism have begun and we could not be more pleased to be able to work with such an incredible institution.  

Autism Sleeps is acutely aware of the emotional, physical and particularly financial exhaustion that is incurred by families with a loved one on the autism spectrum. Our products have several iterations/variations, which allow us to improve product efficacy, lower production costs and offer lower retail prices. We are passionate that you and your family rest easy on every level.

Autism Sleeps can’t, and won’t, promise miracles for your child and family. (Caveat emptor for those who promise miracles!) What Autism Sleeps can, and will, promise is a drug-free, non-invasive, safe environmental therapy shown to calm and soothe children on the autism spectrum.

Our sincere hope is that Autism Sleeps' products will positively impact the sleep patterns of your loved one and improve the quality of life for the whole family. One child at a time. One family at a time. That is our dream.

Yours in good sleep,

Autism Sleeps 

100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
No Kidding.

Autism Sleeps provides a possible environmental sleep solution for those on the spectrum. One child at a time. One family at a time. If you and your child are not totally satisfied, we'll take it back.

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