How it Works

Revolutionary sleep technology for kids on the spectrum

The Autism Sleeps Sound to Sleep System® combines well established relaxation techniques with advanced tactile sensory output to produce a calming sleep environment. State of the art, custom resonators are built in to a high-quality, solid wood bed foundation to produce sensory vibrations promoting relaxation and sleep. The simple control unit allows for easy volume and tactile controls and works with any audio device.

  • "He actually falls asleep at a normal hour and stays asleep. This is truly a miracle. I am no longer going to call it the music bed, rather the miracle bed.”
    – Julie L.
  • "We are just so thrilled with the bed!! It's like his whole attitude and personality have changed, and I guess a good night's sleep will do that!”
    – John
  • "But this morning, he came bounding down to the kitchen at 7:30 am and said "that was the first night I slept 8 hours in a row!!!" So to say the bed is a success is an understatement!!!”
    – Jen
The patent-pending Sound to Sleep System® is composed of the included controller and foundation, and the audio device of your choice.
1 Simply connect the audio device, controller, and foundation
2 Play the provided audio tracks and adjust controller’s volume and tactile settings
3 Let the relaxing, tactile sound soothe your child’s body to sleep
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Autism Sleeps provides an effective environmental sleep solution for those on the spectrum. One child at a time, one family at a time. If you and your child are not totally satisfied, we'll take it back.