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We have been very fortunate to have developed a product that helps families. Parents with our units have reported significant improvements in their child's ability to self soothe to fall asleep and stay asleep longer. Please read what they have to say about how it works for them.

Chris and Family
Both my daughters have a diagnosis of High Functioning Autism or Aspergers Syndrome. They also suffer from motor tics, or involuntary movements. This is a neurological disorder that effects the central nervous system in many ways, including the inability to fall into a sleep pattern conducive to a restful night’s sleep. For many years we have struggled with the inability to fall asleep and stay asleep. Without medication, the girls would wake many times during the night, get up and wander and be unable to get back to sleep again. This resulted in a very sleep deprived family. This not unusual for individuals in the Autistic spectrum.

I have always looked for a way to calm down their racing nervous system and motor tics. This bed has been wonderful for that. They plug the Ipod into the bed and are able to feel the vibration of the sound, as well as listen to it through headphones. They love it! It is very calming and peaceful and they fall into a more restful sleep. And they stay asleep.

After a busy day, just lying on the bed with the CD and vibration settles them down and I see a reduction in motor tics and anxiety.For our family this has made a huge positive difference. I would highly recommend this bed for therapeutic purposes. Thank you again for the opportunity to try these beds and see my daughters enjoy the peace that comes from using it.
Julie L.
My son Tom has Asbergers and has not been able to fall asleep or stay asleep on his own for years. This has disrupted our home beyond imagination. After you sent us the music bed, Tom selected his own music and was able to lay in bed and stay in bed while falling asleep. After a while of using his iPod, he would eventually turn off the bed prior to falling asleep. I was extremely happy because he was not getting up and trying to keep me awake and it preoccupied him till he was ready to fall asleep. I got my first night of free time in eleven years. Now I have downloaded the music that came with the bed and – WOW – now he falls asleep while listening to the music and stays in bed the entire night. I no longer have to go into his room at all nor does he get up to wake others up.

He actually falls asleep at a normal hour and stays asleep. This is truly a miracle. I am no longer going to call it the music bed, rather the miracle bed.

If there is anything I can do to get the word out in the Autism community please let me know. Sleep deprivation is a huge issue in the Autism community. My son requires very little sleep, yet has always kept me and other family members awake, because he did not want to be the only one awake. This is a common scene with a household with a child of Autism- the parents are sleep deprived because of the autistic child, yet the child is not sleep deprived because they just don't need much sleep. This bed has made it so that for the first time we ALL are getting sleep.
So we had Jimmy use it last night. This child usually wakes up as grouchy as a bear - it's almost comical.

But this morning, he came bounding down to the kitchen at 730 am and said "that was the first night I slept 8 hours in a row!!!" He hugged us both! So to say the bed is a success is an understatement!!!

But all in all - a MAJOR SUCCESS for us! Probably the first night he didn't cause a fuss at bedtime OR end up in our bed at 3 am. (no exaggeration). Have a feeling we will be ordering more, or at least our friends will! We've had so many people hop on and try it out! Your generosity and compassion is overwhelming... and I think you know from some experience that getting a huge smile from a child on the spectrum just melts our hearts!!! Wish I had videotaped it... We are thrilled and will certainly let you know what the rest of the family thinks! Thanks SO much!
We are just so thrilled with the bed!! I have attached a photo of Jimmy trying it out - keep in mind that his huge smile is unfortunately very rare! He is a very serious, anxious child...usually has a frown on his face and even growls sometimes! So take that smile for what it's worth - a lot! Now onto Jimmy's quote...So he comes down the first morning after trying out the bed. First words out of his mouth, totally unprovoked: "I haven't slept that many hours in a row in my whole life!" So funny what kids will say... We absolutely love the bed, and it has been wonderful for Jimmy.

It's like his whole attitude and personality have changed, and I guess a good night's sleep will do that!

The cool thing is that Jimmy likes the feeling of the music, and just listening to it through the mattress. But my other son, Sean, puts on the headphones and falls asleep to the music in the bed right next to him. This way they don't fool around or talk, they go right to sleep! So both boys are happy! (Joe, the oldest, is NOT happy b/c he hasn't had a trial run yet!) Thanks again!
Sammy is definitely falling asleep more easily and quickly. Sammy feels there is a dramatic decrease in his restlessness and doesn't need us to wrap our bodies around him to help him fall asleep. We used to lay across his entire body to help him relax. We even used a weighted blanket for some time. He used to need deep sensory input from us. We still lay with him at night but he barely touches us now. He goes to sleep easily.

This is amazing!! Sammy loves the bed!!

Another thing that happened simultaneously when using the new bed is that Sammy has almost completely stopped bedwetting. As you recall, Sammy has been wearing pull-ups nightly for years and years. Despite decreasing nightly fluid intake he was wetting his bed 4 or 5 out of 7 nights. We went to Children's Try for Dry clinic to get their help. They recommended using an enuresis alarm. We have been too exhausted to start using the alarm knowing we would be woken out of a sound sleep almost every night and need to wake him to a fully awake state as well. In addition, we were unable to find a pull-up that not only fit his slim body but also hold a large volume of urine for a 12 year old bladder. We have spent years washing and drying his sheets, blankets, etc night after night. Those waterproof mattress pads took forever to dry. When we mentioned this to Rick Feingold (inventor of the bed), he spoke with some authorities about this phenomena and was validated that the vibration of the bed also affects the Vagus nerve which is very likely the rationale. We now have Sammy in regular underwear at night and are using the enuresis alarm. Over a 3 week period, the alarm has gone off only 3 times. Sammy feels so good about himself and we are "blown away" by these extraordinary results. We want every parent that has these struggles to know about this bed.

My husband and I are stunned by what your bed can produce, the vibrations with the music together is classic. We have used it a couple of times and Cade likes it, he sat quietly with a smile for a minute and then laid his head on his pillow and said, "nye, nite."

We are not going to use it as his permanent bed right now, he is only two and transition is difficult, so we are going to make it as one of our calming techniques and transition to it over some time. I already see this bed being a plus to our chaotic life, I will keep in touch and let you know more as we begin to use it more. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, there is always another hill to climb and your bed will help us on our climb. Thank you!


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