Product Testimonials | Barbara H

We wanted to give you feedback on our new "Autism Sleeps Sound to Sleep bed".  Tommy is definitely falling asleep more easily and quickly.  Tommy feels there is a dramatic decrease in his restlessness and doesn't need us to wrap our bodies around him to help him fall asleep.  We used to lay across his entire body to help him relax.  We even used a weighted blanket for some time.  He used to need deep sensory input from us.  We still lay with him at night but he barely touches us now.  He goes to sleep easily.This is amazing!!  Tommy loves the bed!!  

Another thing that happened simultaneously when using the new bed is that Tommy has almost completely stopped bed wetting.  As you recall, Tommy has been wearing pull-ups nightly for years and years.  Despite decreasing nightly fluid intake he was wetting his bed 4 or 5 out of 7 nights.  We went to Children's Try for Dry clinic to get their help.  They recommended using an enuresis alarm.  We have been too exhausted to start using the alarm knowing we would be woken out of a sound sleep almost every night and need to wake him to a fully awake state as well.  In addition, we were unable to find a pull-up that not only fit his slim body but also hold a large volume of urine for a 12 year old bladder.  We have spent years washing and drying his sheets, blankets, etc night after night.  Those waterproof mattress pads took forever to dry.   We now have Tommy in regular underwear at night and are using the enuresis alarm.  Over a 3 week period, the alarm has gone off only 3 times.  Tommy feels so good about himself and we are "blown away" by these extraordinary results.  We want every parent that has these struggles to know about this bed. 


Autism Sleeps provides an effective environmental sleep solution for those on the spectrum. One child at a time, one family at a time. If you and your child are not totally satisfied, we'll take it back.