Product Testimonials | Jen and Jim

I will try to keep this short, but we are just so thrilled with the bed!!

I have attached a photo of Johnny trying it out - keep in mind that his huge smile is unfortunately very rare!  He is a very serious, anxious child...usually has a frown on his face and even growls sometimes!  So take that smile for what it's worth - a lot!

Now onto Johnny's quote...So he comes down the first morning after trying out the bed.  First words out of his mouth, totally unprovoked:  "I haven't slept that many hours in a row in my whole life!"  So funny what kids will say...

We absolutely love the bed, and it has been wonderful for Johnny.  It's like his whole attitude and personality have changed, and I guess a good night's sleep will do that!  The cool thing is that Johnny likes the feeling of the music, and just listening to it through the mattress.  But my other son, Greg, puts on the headphones and falls asleep to the music in the bed right next to him.  This way they don't fool around or talk, they go right to sleep!  So both boys are happy!  (Alex, the oldest, is NOT happy b/c he hasn't had a trial run yet!)

We cannot thank you is overwhelming to us.  

Thanks again!



Autism Sleeps provides an effective environmental sleep solution for those on the spectrum. One child at a time, one family at a time. If you and your child are not totally satisfied, we'll take it back.