Product Testimonials | Tonya H

Good morning, I'm not totally with it yet, but I wanted to give you some feedback since we now have the bed up and running. 

My husband and I are stunned by what your bed can produce, the vibrations with the music together is classic.  We have used it a couple of times and Cade likes it, he sat quietly with a smile for a minute and then laid his head on his pillow and said, "nye, nite."  We are not going to use it as his permanent bed right now, he is only two and transition is difficult, so we are going to make it as one of our calming techniques and transition to it over some time.  I already see this bed being a plus to our chaotic life.

I will keep in touch and let you know more as we begin to use it more.  The one thing I see that could have made it better is having a projector that doesn't burn out with it.  I'm kinda kidding, but Cade sleeps every night with the soothing sounds that are connected to a projector that plays scenes, that goes all night long, but this projector burns out after a couple of months, so we keep buying new ones. The things we do.. I commend you and your wife on what you are doing and thank you from the bottom of my heart, there is always another hill to climb and your bed will help us on our climb.  Thank you Rick, I'll be in touch.

- Tonya H.


Autism Sleeps provides an effective environmental sleep solution for those on the spectrum. One child at a time, one family at a time. If you and your child are not totally satisfied, we'll take it back.